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Who is Omnia?

Founded in 1985 in Victoria, Australia, Omnia has been providing IT management services and systems for over 35 years. Omnia now specializes in providing Data Migration and Web Based Data Management Solutions. Our unique technologies are applicable to almost any data related application including:

  • Medical and Hospitals
  • Universities
  • Training

Why choose Omnia?

  • More than 35 years experience
    We have more than 35 years of experience during which time we have developed many systems, but more importantly, we have developed a unique set of Data Migration and Web Based Data Development tools that enable us quickly and cost effectively provide for you with solutions.
  • High level of client satisfaction, both in our products and our on going support.
    Our systems are proven to be efficient, reliable and stable.
  • Service, dedication & experience
  • We listen and we act promptly
    Omnia products have always been developed to meet the customers needs.
  • International award winning products
  • Continuous improvement
Our Solutions

Our unique set of custom System Development Tools allow us to take advantage of industry standard open source products like PHP and MySQL to efficiently develope a solution to your data needs that will run on virtually any cloud hosting service or your own in-house Web Servers.

Once your solution has been developed we can then migrate your data from where it is currently stored (provided it can be exported to any industry standard format). You are then ready to go.

If all you need is data migration we can migrate data between most industry standard formats.

What our clients say

"While organizations are still searching a stable system or struggling to handle their data using spreadsheets, our Omnia solution is running troulble free on our five distance sites with more than 20 simultaneous users. It has proven to us that stable, reliable, real time data is a huge benefit to our organisation. "

George Papallo

"Omnia always listened our needs and continuously adapted the system to provide better functionality. It's a pleasure working with Omnia's excellent service!"

Glenys Brown

"With CAS accounting software I never have to worry. Any mistakes made by our staff can always be corrected."

Soma Gupta

"As always, you listened to our needs and delivered excellent service. A pleasure working with Omnia!"

Lynn Harris