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Commonly asked questions about CASWEB

  1. What do I need to provide in order to run CASWEB?
    You will need a “web server” connected to the internet and running IIS (or equivalent, for example, Apache) and PHP version 5.  You will also need to ensure that you have an email SMTP server available to this server as CASWEB needs to use SMTP calls to send emails.

    You will need an internet payment gateway.  This is normally provided by your bank for which their will most likely be some bank charges.  It is likely that the bank charges will be similar to those you currently pay for your EFTPOS machine.

    You can organize this yourself or we can organize it all for you providing you with a “turn key” system.

    Alternatively, if you don’t want to host your own server, we can provide web hosting for you.
  1. Do we need to use CAS in order to run CASWEB?
    Generally, the answer is Yes, however, if you have a ODBC compliant enrolment application that has a suitable data structure then CASWEB can be modified to interface with your existing software (charges apply).  If you do not currently have CAS we will install it for you.  If you do have CAS we will need to ensure that you are running the latest version of CAS.  This will be included at no additional cost.  You will also need to ensure that the server running CASWEB has internet access with sufficient bandwidth to cope with the on line enrolment requirements.  This server must be running Windows Server 2003 or later and have PHP 5 installed.  This is can be done by your own IT support team or by our specialist system engineers.
  1. What are the main functions, advantages and disadvantages?
    The main advantage is that online enrolments can be performed by your students via the internet at any time.  These enrolments and their associated payments are entirely handled by the system without any need for intervention by your staff.  It only remains for your staff to look at enrolment numbers and to print class lists. 

    Additionally if a class is cancelled credits to the student’s credit cards can be achieved quickly and easily on line.  If you are prepared to only accept payment by credit card, your office staff could process over the counter enrolments through CASWEB thus eliminated the need for daily banking.

    The disadvantage is that enrolments by CASWEB can only be accepted if card payment is received.  If a student does not wish to pay by card over the internet, then CASWEB gives the student an option of printed a completed enrolment form that they can send or take to your office for enrolment.
  1. What is the timeframe for installation and changeover?
    • You will need to have your hardware and Internet requirements in place before we can start to install CASWEB.
    • You will need to have the appropriate banking authorities in place, normally allow a couple of weeks for your bank to get organized
    • For installation and setup of CASWEB by Omnia you will need to allow 2 weeks.
    • Your staff will need to ensure that the course details that you want displayed on the internet have all been entered into CAS
    • Customization of the look and feel of your CASWEB home page will need to be performed by your staff.  Normally this would be 20 to 40 hours work depending on the content of the home page.  Consultants who specialize is customizing CASWEB can be recommended if you prefer to outsource this task.
  1. What are the ongoing support requirements and costs?
    The optional support contract for CASWEB is currently set at 20% of the purchase price per annum.
  1. What are the staff training requirements?
    Remote video, or on site training is provided by Omnia.  This includes a training video and notes.