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Management Intranet

After realising how convenient and useful the Trainers Intranet was for trainers, coordinators began lobying for their own Management Intranet so that the to could interactive with the CAS database to look after their courses even when they were at home or otherwise away from the office. To make their dream come true we introduce our Management Intranet.

Log in to own account

Similar to Trainer’s Intranet, this Management Intranet allows a course coordinator and/or manager to log into their own account. Once logged in, the coordinator can view their own trainers’ list and course list as defined in their management profile.

View Course List

The course list allows the coordinator to view their courses in any order (course code, course title, start date, locations, session number, enrolment number etc).

Course Cost Sheet and Cost Management

From the course list page, the cost sheet for each course can be accessed and edited by a coordinator.  This enables them to recalculate the minimum enrolment number to cover the trainer’s cost and a second minimum number required to cover the total cost of a course. Once the calculation results are saved, the course list will show the updated minimum numbers.

Decide if classes are to run or should be cancelled

You can decide “online” whether to run or cancel a course because you are being shown the “real time” enrolment numbers. “Real time” means that every time you refresh the Intranet page (pressing F5 is a good way to do this) an enrolment that occurred a second ago has already updated to the enrolment numbers on your Intranet page. The coordinator’s decision will be instantly reflected on the college web site (CASWEB) and Intranet.

Send emails / SMSes to the trainer and students of a class

The Management Intranet also facilitates email and SMS functionality, so that the coordinator can send emails or SMSes to trainers and the students in the classes in order to inform them of any changes affecting a class.

Resource Timetable

The Management Intranet can display a booking timetable for each resource.

Booking Resource

A coordinator can book classroom or other resources using the Management Intranet. The booking data is sent to the database in real time.  Of course the coordinator can double-check their new bookings by access the refreshed (F5) resource timetable page.

Trainer List and the bridge to access individual Trainer access

This page allows a coordinator to access any of their trainers’ basic information on one page. It is also provides a link to each Trainer’s Intranet for more detailed information about the trainers.

These are just a few of the many functions in our Management Intranet. Please contact us for more details.