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CAS Overview

The Centre/College Administration System (CAS) is a management system designed to provide all the functions required to administer your training organization.

It consists of a suite of integrated modules.  Each of these modules can be used on their own or all together to provide you with significant time saving and improved access to your enrolment and accounting information.

It caters for Courses, Tutors, Students, Enrolments, Resources bookings, Marketing, Finance and Accounting, and statistical reporting. It is fully compliant with the latest AVETMISS and state reporting requirements. Over 20 years of refinement a comprehensive list of features have been developed, which are too many to be listed here. Even our experienced users are surprised by the discovery of a very useful function, which they never knew was there.

CAS is a very reliable, stable and robust. Our records show that some of our clients have run the system for more than 10 years without any trouble or the need for support.  Unlike many other programs, CAS only takes a minimum of resources but provides strong functionality.

CAS may be the most efficient enrolment system available.  Here are some CAS records: Within one work day 615 phone enrolments were processed via CAS. CAS had supported 30 active local and remote terminal users in 5 sites simultaneously and smoothly. Using CAS our clients have submitted AMETMISS statistics error free with up to 31,532 enrolments in one year.

CAS has very strong functionality in the area of course planning and coordination, including course and centre costing.  For example, CAS can automatically generate a trainer’s contract with all their course details and payment conditions included. CAS can also produce your catalogue/brochure using templates that you can modify. CAS can even check whether a student is eligible for a certificate or statement of attainment according a set rules and then print the certificate automatically.

CAS users can group students using advanced filters. CAS can send emails or SMSes to all students who enrolled in particular period or to certain groups of students for marketing purposes.

CAS has fully integrated finance modules including Cash Book, Payroll, Debtors & Invoicing, Creditors, Purchase Orders, General Ledger and Asset register. CAS users can select either cash or accrued based accounting. CAS can handle both.

CAS has over two hundred pre-defined reports including complicated reports which, for example, compare different enrolment periods providing statistics on enrolments numbers, centre costs, course fees, cancelled courses etc.

So for the best in functionality, speed, options and value for money – it’s CAS, the College Administration System.

For more information on CAS click here to download CAS Information.pdf