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Trainer Intranet

Consider the following scenario:

  1. As a large training organization, you have hundreds of trainers. There is news you want to get to the trainers. How to do this?
  2. Your college has a collection of documents or forms it wants the trainer to have access to. How do you share them?
  3. At beginning of each term, trainers want to find out how many enrolments have been received for their classes and whether the classes are running or cancelled by the coordinators. Your administration staff are bombarded by this kind of enquiry in critical days when they are still taking enrolment and answering student enquiries by phone. How do you keep the trainers informed?
  4. How to the trainers submit the assessment outcomes for their accredited modules?
  5. You have classes running in 80 venues. How can you provide the latest updated class lists to the trainers, given some enrolments are happening in the last hours before a class starts?
  6. A trainer moves to a new address and needs to advice the college of their changes.

All these can be done through our Trainer Intranet.

Our Trainer Intranet is an interactive medium between the training organization and the trainers. Trainers can use Intranet to:

  • Log into their individual Intranet account from any place.
  • Obtain college information from the on line bulletin.
  • Download forms and document from the download page.
  • Check their course list to find out the exact enrolment numbers (including the enrolment made seconds before through our CASWEB or via your office.) and find out whether their classes are running or cancelled.  All this from their home.
  • Check and print out their weekly timetables with all his or her classes listed.
  • Print up to the minute class rolls in the venue or at home before the class starts.
  • Find our detailed student contact information and contact them
  • Update their own contact detailed online with the added convenience that emails will be sent to the relevant staff in the college.
  • Update student outcomes.

Our Intranet has gained excellent feedback from trainers and college staff.

For more information on Trainer Intranet you may click here to download our Intranet User Instruction in pdf