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CASWEB Solution Overview

CASWEB is a web based enrolment engine that allows you to control your own on-line, real time enrolment solution with real time internet banking, allowing students to pay and enroll on line.

  • Unlike a lot of other systems, CASWEB is "Real Time" and uses your current data base, not suspect copies. This means that changes you make to your data base instantly appear on your web site. Conversely, enrolments taken by your web site instantly appear in you data base so that you do not get overbooking of classes or duplicate redundant data. This is the way a system should work.
  • CASWEB allows you to host your own web site if you choose to. This means that you do not have to pay expensive hosting fees and that you have control over your own data. (We do offer web site hosting if you do not want to host your own web site.)
  • All payments for on-line enrolments are handled by your bank's payment gateway. This means that you are not responsible for your student's card details. That information remains with the bank.

What happens during an on-line enrolment?

  • When a student visits your CASWEB site they will see a list of currently offered courses.  This list is controlled by you using the CAS data base.  Courses are added or removed from your web site with a simple click of a mouse.
  • Students can view full course details and download course and tutor related documents before adding the course/s to their shopping cart.
  • On confirmation of acceptance the student is transferred to your banks payment gateway to securely enter payment details.
  • Once the payment is accepted by the bank the student is automatically emailed a confirmation letter, a tax invoice, and any other documents that you specify as relevant to the particular course(s).  The confirmation letter is merged with the course details and so can provide the student with any information you choose.
  • The student is now enrolled and will appear on your class list, and the money is in your bank.  All this without any effort by your staff, and it is a 24 hour a day service
  • Your staff can check web enrollments at any time, do follow ups with the students, merge print letters to them, or do email mail-outs.
  • Your managers/coordinators can view enrolment progress using the CASWEB Management Intranet and make decisions about a class’s viability.
  • Using the CASWEB Trainers Intranet, your Trainers, can view the progress of enrolments in their classes and print their own class lists without having to physically go to college office.
  • Enrolments can also be taken simultaneously by staff in your office.  When the class is full, both web and office enrolments are blocked, however your office staff can still add potential students to a waiting list.