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Who is Omnia?

Founded in 1985 in Warragul, Victoria, Australia, Omnia has been providing management systems for over 25 years. Omnia has specialized in providing LAN and Web based solutions. We have systems for:

  • ACE providers and RTO's
  • Manufacturers
  • Wholesalers
  • Trucking Industry

Why choose Omnia?

  • More than 25 years experience
    We have more than 25 years of experience serving ACE providers and RTOs.
  • Large customer base with high level trust
    Our CAS systems have been successfully serving in over 150 customers across Australia. This includes over 100 ACE providers and RTOs.
  • High level of client satisfaction, both in our products and our on going support.
    Our systems are proven to be efficient, reliable and stable.
  • Service, dedication & experience
  • We listen and we act promptly
    Omnia products have always been developed to meet the customers needs.
  • International award winning products
  • Continuous improvement
CAS, CASWEB & Intranet

CAS is a management system designed to provide all the functions required to administer your training organisation. It caters for Courses, Tutors, Students, Enrolments, Resources booking, Marketing, Finance and Accounting, , statistics reporting. It is fully compliant with the latest AVETMISS and state requirements.

CASWEB is an application that interfaces with CAS to provide an on-line, real time enrolment solution with real time secured banking. Its excellent functions and design won a international award - The Best web site from LERN. (over 4000 organization members from 16 countries)

Users of CAS range from the very small (approximate 500 enrolments per year) to quite large with more than 30,000 enrolments per year.

CAS and CASWEB have coped well with loads of 30 concurrent networked users, and with enrolment rates of more than 600 enrolments per day.

CAS will help you maintain your profitability with complete course costing and analysis. You will never be in doubt as to the viability of a course again.

Students are automatically created on enrolment. You can keep track of all student details using the note pads, diaries and attendance records.

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What our clients say

"While some training organizations are still searching a stable system to administrate enrolment, resources and finance. We already have CAS running on our five distance site of 20 users, while CASWEB realizes real time enrolment with high reliability and stabilities. "

George Papallo

"Omnia always listened our needs and continuously adapted the system with better function. delivered a excellent service. A pleasure working with Omnia's excellent service!"

Glenys Brown

"With CAS accounting software I never have to worry. Any mistakes made by our staff can always be corrected."

Soma Gupta

"As always you listened our needs and delivered a excellent service. A pleasure working with Omnia!"

Lynn Harris